Pretty Prison



How did you end up in pretty prison?

What was the crime? Who were the accomplice? What was the weapon?

Guess what the crime is most likely self-deprivation, there’s no accomplice, and your head is the weapon.

“Some of us have decorated our prison walls so beautifully that we have altogether forgotten we are sitting in a cell, wasting our lives, We don’t know there are chains that, though they no longer bind us, still seem to tangle us up. We sit and listen to talks or read books about God, and we wonder why nothing changes when we so desperately want it to.” ¬†– Restless, by Jeannie Allen

I am on a year end mission to free my self from myself from my pretty prison. This will call for some dedication. What are some ways to free yourself.

  • Go on a social media fast.
    • Drown out all of the external noise for a couple of days.
  • Take one step towards doing something that you have wanted to accomplish.
    • Example: If there is a class you want to take, at least research the prices and dates
  • List the things in your life that are wearing you out
    • (work, kids, husband, )
  • Journal or write down a few ways to systematically manage ¬†things or people that are draining you.

Reflection: I have decided that my pretty prison is made of one particular thing these days. My second job is killing me softly – Lauryn Hill. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that my second job is the source of my issues. Its the reason why I am so easily irritated with friends and family. This second job of mine is the reason why the word “happy hour ” wears me out. I’ve realized that I maintain the second job because I may just have a complex about being poor. I further realized that me having a second job is borderline greed. The 12 – 15 hours a week that I give this second job of mine has a opportunity cost that contradicts the commitment I should have to my children.