Piggybacking: My 30 Favorite Things Right Now

So as a piggyback to blogger, Sherri at yougotrossed.com, I felt blog’spired to post my  30 favorite things, these days!!

  1. It’s Football Season!
  2. My Fitbit App
  3. Blogging
  4. Going Natural
  5. Dave Ramsey Podcast
  6. Yoga – by Janelle Mona
  7. Living vicariously through my friend that has a new job
  8. Anticipating Crockpot Season for the Kids
  9. Body by Vi
  10. Volunteering at Workshops Inc.
  11. Listening to Goosebumps Series on Audible with the kids, in anticipation of the Goosebumps Movie
  12. Gel Polish
  13. Watching 90s Movies from my childhood with my kids – Honey, I shrunk the kids, Flubber, Uncle Buck.
  14. Everything Minions!
  15. Ba-Na-Nas! No really I love bananas!
  16. Strawberry Nutrigrain Bars – I’m obsessed!
  17. Feeling Myself – Beyonce & Nicki Manaj
  18. Inspiring anyone to do do any and everything
  19. Learning new hip rap songs and spontaneously singing them in front of my 13 year old. LOL! (you should see his face)
  21. My shows: Knock Knock Live, POWER on Starz,
  22. Hulu/Netflix Series: Wayward Pines, Secrets & Lies, Orange is the New Black
  23. My YETI Tumbler
  24. Ebates.com – it really works!
  25. EOS Hand Lotion
  26. Mila J – My Main ft. Ty Dolla $ign – For all the BFFs in the world
  27. My Macbook Pro
  28. Book: Rising Strong by Brene Brown
  29. Brene Brown’s Blog
  30. Learning to express myself – (UNCENSORED)

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