Living in My Legacy, Now


Yesterday I was having the typical Monday conversation with a friend, “How was your weekend?”. He say’s “Not eventful. Saturday, I attended a funeral of a Great-Aunt that I hate I didn’t get to know better.” He told me a little about how she cleaned toilets to put herself through college to become an educator. Throughout her life my friend’s aunt managed to create a strong legacy, to the extent that a park was named after her. She was a Baptist Mission Service Corps volunteer, from 1993 to 1998 as head of the Baptist Academy of American Samoa. When she left Samoa, the Samoan council of chiefs recognized her accomplishments by making her an honorary chief.

This got me to thinking about what would I aspire my legacy to be. More importantly, who would I want to appreciate my legacy.

First and foremost, it’s important that I make my kids proud of me. Typically it’s the other way around, we want to be proud of our kids. However, I’ve recently made a conscious effort to make my kids proud of me.  All too often we get lost in the weeds and forget that today is the day that will be our legacy, later in life. Living the “cookie-cutter” life that merely serves to satisfy those that we perceive to be worthy of their opinion, can cause internal disappointment. I’m realizing day by day that I’ve got to be more intentional with the decisions I make, as others aren’t always aware of what it takes to be me.  My grandmother would often say, “You know glory, but you don’t know my story.”

Reflection: Start today investing our time in the things and people that matter most. The people that will have a problem with  the changes that you make, shouldn’t matter.



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