Piggybacking: My 30 Favorite Things Right Now

So as a piggyback to blogger, Sherri at yougotrossed.com, I felt blog’spired to post my  30 favorite things, these days!!

  1. It’s Football Season!
  2. My Fitbit App
  3. Blogging
  4. Going Natural
  5. Dave Ramsey Podcast
  6. Yoga – by Janelle Mona
  7. Living vicariously through my friend that has a new job
  8. Anticipating Crockpot Season for the Kids
  9. Body by Vi
  10. Volunteering at Workshops Inc.
  11. Listening to Goosebumps Series on Audible with the kids, in anticipation of the Goosebumps Movie
  12. Gel Polish
  13. Watching 90s Movies from my childhood with my kids – Honey, I shrunk the kids, Flubber, Uncle Buck.
  14. Everything Minions!
  15. Ba-Na-Nas! No really I love bananas!
  16. Strawberry Nutrigrain Bars – I’m obsessed!
  17. Feeling Myself – Beyonce & Nicki Manaj
  18. Inspiring anyone to do do any and everything
  19. Learning new hip rap songs and spontaneously singing them in front of my 13 year old. LOL! (you should see his face)
  21. My shows: Knock Knock Live, POWER on Starz,
  22. Hulu/Netflix Series: Wayward Pines, Secrets & Lies, Orange is the New Black
  23. My YETI Tumbler
  24. Ebates.com – it really works!
  25. EOS Hand Lotion
  26. Mila J – My Main ft. Ty Dolla $ign – For all the BFFs in the world
  27. My Macbook Pro
  28. Book: Rising Strong by Brene Brown
  29. Brene Brown’s Blog
  30. Learning to express myself – (UNCENSORED)

Living in My Legacy, Now


Yesterday I was having the typical Monday conversation with a friend, “How was your weekend?”. He say’s “Not eventful. Saturday, I attended a funeral of a Great-Aunt that I hate I didn’t get to know better.” He told me a little about how she cleaned toilets to put herself through college to become an educator. Throughout her life my friend’s aunt managed to create a strong legacy, to the extent that a park was named after her. She was a Baptist Mission Service Corps volunteer, from 1993 to 1998 as head of the Baptist Academy of American Samoa. When she left Samoa, the Samoan council of chiefs recognized her accomplishments by making her an honorary chief.

This got me to thinking about what would I aspire my legacy to be. More importantly, who would I want to appreciate my legacy.

First and foremost, it’s important that I make my kids proud of me. Typically it’s the other way around, we want to be proud of our kids. However, I’ve recently made a conscious effort to make my kids proud of me.  All too often we get lost in the weeds and forget that today is the day that will be our legacy, later in life. Living the “cookie-cutter” life that merely serves to satisfy those that we perceive to be worthy of their opinion, can cause internal disappointment. I’m realizing day by day that I’ve got to be more intentional with the decisions I make, as others aren’t always aware of what it takes to be me.  My grandmother would often say, “You know glory, but you don’t know my story.”

Reflection: Start today investing our time in the things and people that matter most. The people that will have a problem with  the changes that you make, shouldn’t matter.


#TechTuesday: Getting Alerted When You or Your Blog is on Google

You Got Rossed

Tech Tuesdays with YouGotRossed

Time for another #TechTuesday with yours truly!

A few years ago I heard about a neat little tool that has helped me stay on top of my blog showing up anywhere online. The tool is a Google Alert and if you’re not using it yet, you likely will be the end of this post.

Alerts are online, FREE tools that Google created to allow you to get emails for any keyword(s) you like. I have Google Alerts set up for my blog name (YouGotRossed), my personal name (Sherri Ross), my organizations (Birmingham Girls Club, Birmingham Dance Walk), and many other things. I get an email in my Inbox each time those search terms show up in a result somewhere, along with the link to the source, and I can see if someone has mentioned me or is sharing my blog.

To set up your own…

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Mirror Reflections


So many times I’ve found that my single friends ask themselves, “Are there any good men out there?”, What’s wrong with me, why is it that everyone around me has found true love, except me?”.  I recently had a dear friend and relative to question whether she would ever meet a good man. After having been a single parent and divorcee, and having found true love, I suggested that she look in the mirror. My first thought was centered around whether or not she had taken a look in the mirror and considered if her expectations were realistic. She’s a sweet  and beautiful woman in her early 40s, who has had a variety of life experiences that has tainted her trust for men. I could only talk to her about her. I didn’t know much about the choices that she had made as it related to the quality of man she dated. I was more knowledgeable about her. I asked her permission to be honest prior to deal her a tough truth. I told her that she, all too often, went into relationships with expectations, (some being realistic and others being unrealistic). I suggested that she try going into her next relationship with out ANY expectations. By not having expectations she would find that she would be less likely to be disappointed. Furthermore, I suggested that she focus, primarily on embracing and owning her own shortcomings.  I told her that I was able to meet and enjoy being with a man that deserved it by first owning my own shortcomings. I also had to consider what I was composed of as it relates to my childhood and life experiences. I was raised in a single parent home, which occasionally caused me to discount how men expect to be treated. In addition, I had become this alpha female that didn’t think I needed to depend on a man for anything. The truth is I had become a monster who unknowingly didn’t respect men, which drove them to not respect my expectations of them. After some soul searching and honest evaluation of how much of a semi-feminist I had become, I found a book that helped me feel empowered, encouraged and focused on progress. The book I suggested she read is God, Where is my Boaz, by Stephan Labossiere.   Reflection: I’m learning day by that most of my frustrations in life, be it personal or professional, should motivate me to look in the mirror and consider how I contribute to my own calamity. How am I creating and contributing to the very things I identify as my stressors? Every attempt to resolve my issues should start with me journaling my OWN contributions, then further brainstorming about how I can control and  initiate the changes that are essential to living a gigified life!!! Reflections Check out the book! Very Eyeopening!!!! Happy GiGi’Fying

Are you Fakin’ it?

fake smile

Sooooo, have you ever caught yourself trying not to be so obvious at faking it. Why do we fake it? Why do we pretend. Is it to avoid exposing our true & potentially distasteful thoughts and feelings about a person, place or thing? Or do we “fake it” because we fear what others will think about what we really feel. Is it ok to confidently think and feel what your natural reaction is to something you’ve seen, heard, or felt? Why is it that all too often we think that in order to be successful and respected we should avoid expressing ourselves or acting in accordance with the “cookie-cutter” acceptable manner that is most socially accepted?

I’ve recently been having a excessive degree of “favors” asked of me recently, particularly at work. I’m finding that I am becoming increasingly agitated with everyone’s natural tendency to defer to GiGi. I realize that I’ve open the gates of hell by being so nice and willing to assist, however, I’m starting to feel like there are a few attempts to take advantage of my kindness.

I’ve been fakin’ it!!!!

I’m faking that I want to help, I’m fake smiling, I’m fake laughing, I’m fake assisting, I’m fakin’ enjoying it!!!!

After being called out on my typical “No I’m fine”. I’ve realized that I’m getting lousy at faking anything. So hell, what’s the use?

Reflection: I refuse to do it anymore. I’m setting boundaries. If I don’t wanna, I won’t. If I don’t feel like it, I won’t. If it’s not mutually beneficial, I dammit can’t!!!