What does it mean to GiGi’fy

So you may wonder how did i coin the term “GiGi’fying”. Well it’s simple yet quite complicated in some ways. In the last 12-13 years I have typically been the go-to-girl when people have issues. I have been able to creatively help a couple of hundred people change their lives and experience both personal and professional growth, just by being a second set of eyes to their life’s situations. I’ve helped both friends and strangers overcome obstacles by giving advice that helps them take the emotion out of tough decisions. I’ve helped people with everything from career growth to accepting the truth about who they really are and how they contribute to their own chaos, be it in a divorce or a simple technology challenges . Furthermore, I’ve helped many come to a true understanding of how they can best accept the truth and adjust accordingly. Lastly, I’ve been asked to “GiGi’fy” messages that would typically be tough to deliver.  The complicated part is that, in doing all of this, I have lost direction of what I want for me and realizing what makes me happy on a day-to-day basis. Thus, I have typically been able to fix everyone but me. I love being a resource for other’s, however, it has truly drained me emotionally causing me to drop the ball on things that are most important to me. The one thing I hold near and dear to my heart, is my incandid ability to inspire and motivate others.

My personal GiGi’fying Aspirations Are To do the Following:

  • Live a Healthy Lifestyle (Financial, Fitness, Mental)
  • Learn when to say no
  • Become more strategic about my career goals
  • Create valuable relationships that support my GiGi’fy aspirations

Thanks for reading!

Happy GiGi’Fying


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