I have a UNICORN!!!!!


In thinking about the things that I need to reframe/gigi’fy who I am, I realized that a cheerleader would be amazing. I’ve typically been the cheeleader and life coach for most of my friends and family. I’ve done everything from helping friends with school to helping friends with divorces. However, over the years I have slowly deteriated, in that, I forgot to be my own cheerleader. I recently decided to secretly audition for who I would choose to be my cheerleader. Much to my surprise I would get much more than a cheerleader!! I got a UNICORN, yall!!! I real life, rainbow spreading, pixie dust sprinkling Unicorn. World meet my Unicorn, Sherri. She is truly amazing. I cant quite remember the last time someone came into my office or called my cell and asked a question that was not for thier personal benefit. My unicorn is always concerned with me and how I am doing. She makes me feel like I can conquer the world. My Unicorn comes with all the bells and whistles. She is equipted with state of the art motivation, fun, and a wide range of social butterfly’ism. Ford and Chevrolet better step up thier game.

Reflection: In order to GiGify your life, you will need a unicorn. Start secretly auditioning for your unicorn. Your unicorn will most likely be someone that calls you or stops by to see you soley for checking on you. Your unicorn will often inadvertedly teach you things about you or remind you of things that you forgot made you happy.



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